Projects - Renewable Energy     Energy Efficiency


  • Solar PV: Photovoltaic (PV) or solar cells are used for generation of power from solar light. Solar cells convert light energy into electrical energy

    RENCO will enable Project Promoters to establish Solar PV Panels stand-alone & Grid connected under various Programmes initiated by the MNRE and State Govt Energy Development Energy.
    RENCO has tied up with renowned Technology Providers to established fixed structure PV panels and Tracker systems

    Solar Street Light: RENCO Offers Real Estate Companies and other institutions packages of installing solar streetlights, Solar LED lights throughout their campuses

    Solar Water Heater: RENCO assist organizations to identify the best suited solar water heating system (SWHS) a device which supplies hot water at 60°C to 80°C using only solar thermal energy without any other fuel.

  • Wind: RENCO will conduct Feasibility studies and enable the Project Promoters to establish Wind Farms. RENCO has tied up with renowned Technology Providers and can initiate the project under RENCO's.ESCO Biz Model by bringing in Equity Finance and arranging for Debt Finance.

    RENCO can also assit organizations by Providing mini, hybrid solar and/or small wind turbines making use of vacant land/space available within the premises of the establishments.

  • Biomass:

    Biomass can be burnt in a boiler for production of high pressure superheated steam using conventional combustion technology that would generate power through steam. The standard pressures of steam generation are 62 ata / 80 ata / 100 ata.
    The biomass based power generation projects can be set up for various purposes such as

    a) Investment purposes i.e for power generation and sale of power to TNEB wherever sufficient biomass is available.
    b) Generation of power for captive use in industries at lower cost than fossil fuels.
    c) Biomass power projects can also earn revenue from carbon trading under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

  • Biogas :

    Institutions can take steps to monitor their energy consumption; retrofits of appliances or power Plants to make use of energy-efficient technology; conducting a carbon emission inventory and committing to emissions reduction goals; and making use of renewable energy, either through direct purchases of renewable energy credits or through onsite installation of renewable energy sources.

    Biogas Plant is an efficient method of disposing the kitchen waste which is not only eco - friendly but also an economically viable proposition. These factors will add to the value of such green energy projects.