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Arranging Equity Finance

While RENCO realizes that Promoters’ financial commitment to the project is the most critical, very good projects languish or get delayed while implementing due to back up support in the equity from financial or strategic partners/investors. RENCO and its associates shall address this issue as it relates to projects identified for comprehensive relationships through the following:

1. With the agreed structuring, arrive at the maximum possible contribution from promoters and their associates; agree on the deficit to be bridged from non-promoter source.

2. Arrange for evaluation of the CER prospects from the project and establish the CERs that could possibly be taken for securitization over the next say, 5 years.

3. Under the ESCO Biz Model RENCO’s credence to the project with its Equity contribution is to ensure the total success of the project by arranging funding and to be received on time, smooth running of the project implementation without time and / or cost overrun, since this is the first of its kind in India.

4. Should the project be of a large size necessitating the involvement of a financial/strategic partner to bridge equity gap after contributions from the promoters and the securitization of CERs, RENCO would facilitate the identification of such financial/strategic partner to complete the ‘financial closure’.

Project Financing

One of the most important milestones that projects require to go into the implementation mode is the ‘financial closure’. RENCO along with its associates shall extend end-to-end services to facilitate timely achievement of financial closure to projects identified for comprehensive relationships.
RENCO shall facilitate the tie up of Project Finance through the following:

1. Project evaluation, customized structuring

2. Preparation of executive summary for initial screening by prospective financial participants in the debt requirement of the project

3. Short listing of interested lenders

4. Arranging detailed project appraisal

5. Completion of financial closure for the debt

6. Assistance in documentation and draw down of approved facilities